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2020 Topics for Research Papers

Essays are a significant part of school life. Students will need to write a paper for most of their classes. Research essays take up lots of your energy and time. Sometimes the instructor will give the student the research topic. Otherwise, the student will need to craft their own. 

Essay topics are not easy to craft. Writing an effective research paper requires the learner to have an exciting and exceptional theme. The theme must capture the reader’s attention. For a scholar to succeed, there are some factors to take into account.

Field of Interests

Students need to find the topic they are writing about interesting for it to succeed. When a student is passionate about a subject, they find it easy to explore it. As a result, writing the research paper becomes easy.

Clear Topic

The learner’s knowledge of the subject matter is crucial when picking a topic. Writing is easy when you understand the theme. The reader needs to tell you are conversant with the subject.

Be Specific and Accurate

Constructing research papers requires facts. The theme needs the support of accurate statistics to succeed. The use of respectable research examples and reliable academic works will come in handy.


Creative strategies will give a student an advantage among other scholars. Examine your theme thoroughly to find facts that are not well-known. These will captivate your target audience while making your paper exceptional.

Below are examples of topic ideas. They will help you come up with an intriguing research paper theme.

Best 2020 Topics

  • Colleges: Should they become faith-based organizations?
  • The marriage institution in the modern world
  • The heart of a woman versus the heart of a man
  • Childbearing and its health benefits
  • Parenting and its health benefits
  • The relevance of college education in the marketplace
  • The effects of terrorism on businesses
  • Data rape: How to stop it
  • Feminism and American society
  • Ex-convicts: The difficulty in finding jobs


  • Taxation: Its impact on small businesses
  • Creative marketing and its impact on sales
  • Multitasking as an efficient approach at work
  • Sexual harassment at work
  • Start-ups: Turning business concepts into successes


  • Air pollution and how to effectively reduce it
  • The unseen tragedies of ocean pollution
  • Preserving endangered species
  • Transforming the world through recycling
  • The effects of global warming on wildlife
  • Is global warming a hoax?
  • Climate changes since 1990

World Politics

  • Global unity against racism
  • African conflicts
  • European values and the effects of Brexit
  • Angela Merkel and the European revolution
  • Donald Trump’s presidency

Contentious Topics

  • The society’s view on surrogacy
  • The media and violence
  • Child adoption by gay partners
  • Middle school and the significance of sexual education

Persuasive Research Essay

  • Should parents monitor the sites the children visit?
  • The causes of the recent rise in domestic violence
  • Parental control and children’s media exposure
  • The increase in cybercrimes
  • The use of animals in research experiments

Argumentative Research Essay

  • Should we lower the minimum salary?
  • Who should we blame for homelessness?
  • Athletes as great role models
  • The ideal alcohol consumption age


Research essay writing is difficult when the student lacks a perfect theme. It is essential to do a thorough study of the subject, and it is advisable to seek help from a reliable research paper writing service when stuck. A learner may read subject prompts, books, online materials, or discuss it with fellow students. The most important thing is to have confidence in your point of view.