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Topics to Select for Your History Research Paper

Not all students enjoy history.  For many, it’s a record of past names long gone, or it’s a series of long, droning lectures of events that do not affect their present lives.

But for those who appreciate history, they know that these past events do shape the present and can affect the future if people today don’t take to heart the good and bad lessons of the past. This may be one reason why some history teachers assign research papers to their students - even if it is just a minor subject in their course.

Picking a topic for history

Even if you like history, choosing a topic can be a challenge.  To overcome it, you’ve got to be smart about your decision.  First, select something in history that you want to know more about.  Are you interested in past uprisings?  Are you fascinated by the great explorations?

Next, check on the availability of resources.  Even though the internet does contain much information, it doesn’t have everything.  So do some initial research to ensure you’ll have enough credible resources for your paper.

Finally, since this is history (which covers many years), set a limit of what you wish to study.  Some teachers recommend limiting events to a certain period (20 years, 50 years, 100 years), while others suggest following a particular theme (the exploration of North America versus the exploration of South America).  By doing so, you’ll not have to cover too much which may affect the depth of your study.

Just in case

Now if coming up with a topic is still an issue, read on to see possible topics your teacher may not expect.  You can use them or adjust them to your needs.

Cultures of the past

-What was the significance of the pyramids to Ancient Egypt?

-How did the samurai culture evolve in Japan?

-How did mythologies affect key cities in the Ancient world?

-What was the significance of the gladiator games to Ancient Rome?

Persecutions, Uprisings, and Wars

-How did the Roman persecution of Christians affect Christianity?

-What are the similarities between the American Revolution and the French Revolution?

-How did World War 2 reshape Europe?

-What are the causes of the Philippines’ Edsa Revolution?

Explorations and Trade

-What are the negative effects of the Silk Road to Asia?

-How did the slave trade affect Africa?

-How did the exploration of Australia affect the natives living there?

-Was it just money that spurred the great explorers to traverse the world?

Famous People

-Comparison of Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte

-Comparison of Emperor Nero and Adolf Hitler

-Comparison of Lewis & Clark and David Livingstone

-Comparison of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.


Though history might not be the best subject for all, if you consider your interests and exercise some creativity, you will find that there are issues worth discussing.  Feel free to use the suggested topics when you buy research paper online or fine-tune them to what you need. Enjoy your study of history!