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Best Ways To Come Up With Research Paper Topics For 7th-Grade Students

Coming up with research paper topics can be difficult sometimes. Sometimes you just don’t know which topic to pick considering how many there are to choose from. With the vast array of options, it can be confusing. You could also have the opposite problem. Sometimes you cannot think of anything to write about at all. You can feel like there is no topic that is right for you or none that you can think of. Both of these problems are fixable though. Here are some tips on how to more easily accomplish this task without too much trouble.


  • Go with what you know
  • Talk to a group of friends
  • Do an internet search

  • Go With What You Know
  • The best subject for your paper is the one that you know best. Picking something that you know well will make doing the work that much easier for you. Whatever subject that you are best at or topic that you find you better at than others is a good choice for your work. It will make researching it easier and writing it easier.

  • Talk to a Group of Friends
  • If you get some of your friends from that class together to talk and exchange ideas, it might get things started. An idea that they think of might be one that you would never have. Maybe this idea is not right for them but it could be just perfect for you. The more people, the better and the more you talk and write down ideas the better you could find the one right for each of you. This approach can help you all at the same time with a simple conversation.

  • Do an Internet Search
  • The internet is filled with all kinds of information. If you search for topics for that subject, you will get a whole lot of results. There will be lists and lists of ideas. Millions of people write on the internet so now you have access to all of their ideas. It is like asking a million friends for their opinions. This could give you the perfect idea.

When you can’t think of any ideas for your paper, there are plenty of strategies that you can employ. These are just a few of those ideas, but they are the ones that tend to work the best. Try them all and see which works best for you and your way of thinking and working.